Coxswain Course

Why We Do What We Do?

ECA Maritime College was developed by mariners for mariners, it is important we only engage professional mariners to teach the future mariners of Australia.

There is a very well-known saying – “Those who can’t do, TEACH”

If you can’t do OR you don’t do OR you have lost your passion, you should not be teaching.

As professional mariners, our trainers will either be working with or sailing next to their graduates one day, they would look somewhat foolish if they got run over by one of their graduates. This combination has proven success, it is important not only to the founders of the company, but to all the trainers that our graduates are knowledgeable of their chosen field before they receive their qualification.

Since inception in 2007 we have evolved and expanded our services to follow industry demands. During this time we have had enquiries from people who are seeking a career change. A marine licence is very much like getting a drivers licence, logged drive/sea time must be presented to the Department of Transport, if the relevant time at sea is not produced converting a qualification to a licence will not be possible.

Maritime Commercial Services is a new division and provides a service to companies and people who need their vessels delivered or moved at sea. We provide professional crew and management team to organise all aspects of these deliveries, from flying crew to the vessel, organising ship yards, berthing and pilotage services if required. Providing the students on our database have the manning requirement we can offer them paid positions on board these deliveries.

ECA Maritime College will continue to grow; we will continue to listen to the industry and strive to break new ground in training the future mariners of Australia. We are all passionate and driven to produce positive results and a high standard of mariners.