Obtaining A Maritime Licence

Obtaining A Maritime Licence

Many of our inquiries are from people who are new to the Australian Domestic vessels and the marine industry who find it difficult locating the correct information required to gain a marine licence. While there is a lot of information out there, putting it together can be a mind field. So we decided to write this post to assist new comers and any one interested in the marine industry in a bid to simplify the process. 

Firstly we would ask you, “What do you want to do with your licence?”

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If you want to work overseas then completing the Near Coastal courses and licences will not be the best option, if you want to work on Australian vessels then the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) endorsed courses would be the course for you.

Secondly, “Have you got any sea time on board commercially registered vessels?

For most of the Australian Commercial courses you will require a certain amount of sea time to convert your certificate you get from the college you attend to a licence to drive a boat. AMSA have a full list of these requirements on their website or you can contact our office and request a copy of the student handbook relevant to the course you wish to do. We have included all the AMSA documents in this publication to assist you in receiving all the information you require to make an informed decision as to the course you can achieve.

Thirdly, “Would you meet the AMSA medical requirements?”

Depending on which course you do as to the requirements. If you are colour blind for instance you may only be able to receive a restricted to day light sailing only. We always suggest once you have decided on the course that best suits your needs to read thoroughly through the AMSA requirements so you do not have any little surprises when you wish to convert your certificate to a licence.

There are four parts to completing this process.
1. Check your sea time is appropriate to the licence you want to achieve and could be verified by AMSA
2. Meet any additional medical or licence requirements for AMSA
3. Complete an AMSA approved course
4. Successfully complete either your AMSA Mandatory Practical Assessment or your final oral exam with AMSA to gain your licence.

We hope this information helps you and would welcome your inquiry to assist you in this process. Contact Us if you have any questions.