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Welcome to ECA Maritime College blog. With all the changes in the maritime industry and the confusion in the marketplace we decided to provide information to help clarify some of these. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will replace all state maritime authorities with regards to issuing near coastal licences and will be servicing the marine industry via the local marine authority office.

When a candidate completes their studies they will still be required to complete the additional requirements as per the guidance notices located on the AMSA website relevant to the marine licence being applied for. The major change to licence’s is, all newly issued licences will now be recognised nationally, so if you are operating on a vessel that crosses the magical border line from NSW to QLD there is no longer a requirement to notify the authority of passing the border. These licences are recognised in ALL Australian water.

If you are the holder of the old state licences when it is revalidated it will be re- issued as a national licence. AMSA will accept your revalidation application prior to your revalidation date, once all the requirements have been met and the fees are paid, however if the area of operation and the current job does not require a national licence then there is no need to do anything. If your situation is different to any of the above and you are still confused please contact your local maritime authority office AMSA directly.