AMSA Launch SMS resources

AMSA Launches SMS Resource Kit

AMSA Launches SMS Resource Kit

AMSA successfully launched the Safety Management System (SMS) resource kit in Hobart earlier this month.

This kit has been designed to help industry and commercial vessel operators comply with operational safety requirements. It is particularly important to meet the upcoming July 2015 date for passenger and hire and drive vessels.

Vessel Owners and Safety Management System

Owners have a duty to ensure the safety of the vessel and its operation. This includes the implementation and maintenance of a Safety Management System to ensure the vessel and operations are safe.

What is a Safety Management System?

A Safety Management System (SMS) is the manner in which your company and you proactively identify and manage risks to develop a culture of safety. The owner of the vessel is responsible for developing, documenting and implementing an SMS.

Your SMS should be relevant, practical and effective to your organisation and it should be tailored to reflect what you do in your operation and on your vessel. You must involve the crew, particularly when identifying your risks and developing your procedures.

An SMS may be combined with other administrative and management systems of the vessel such as occupational health and safety, fisheries, food safety, quarantine, environmental or general management.

What is the benefit of having a Safety Management System?

A documented SMS clearly sets out your organisation’s approach to safety. It promotes clear understanding of the safety system and consistency in its application at all levels of the business. Importantly, it provides tangible evidence of the precautions you have taken should the sufficiency of your vessel’s safety system be brought into question following an incident or accident.

When is a Safety Management System effective?

An SMS is only effective when it successfully identifies hazards, controls risk and is clearly understood by everyone directly involved with your vessel’s operation.

What additional benefit will I get from a Safety Management System?

An SMS provides a clear and consistent approach to vessel safety management and a foundation for the development of a safety culture. A safety culture means that there is a commitment at all levels within your organisation to safety. A safety culture also spreads safety awareness that is present at all times during the performance of daily duties and responsibilities.