AMSA’S NEW ORAL PROCESSThere have been changed to Low Complexity Marine Licences with the introduction of the AMSA AMPA and the issuing of the interim certificate of competency. As of 1st July 2018  AMSA will no longer be conducting oral examination for these licences, ONLY Colleges who have been approved by AMSA to conduct these new AMSA Mandated Practical Assessments (AMPA) can conduct these, a full list of approved colleges can be located here.Visit the AMSA links to read about the new AMSA AMPA process for each of the low complexity licences, Coxswain, Master <24M, MED 3, MED 2.ECA MARITIME COLLEGE STUDENTS enrolled in a  class

  • The students will be required to attend the Brisbane facility to complete their 2 day AMPA workshop.
  • Pay the additional fee of $500 + gst ($550.00)

AMPA FOR EXTERNAL STUDENTS who have not completed a course at ECA Maritime College;

  • Present your RTO Certificate of Completion and
  • Complete a 2 day AMPA workshop
  • Pay the additional fee of $500 + gst ($550.00)

You will not be eligible to receive an Interim Certificate of Competency. You will be presented with your completed AMPA and need to complete the AMSA application.Contact us if you have any questions.